Check the class descriptions to see which classes best meet your needs. From beginner to advanced, we have a class for you! For more specific information about the classes, feel free to contact us at

  • Gracie Jiu Jitsu / Beginner's Basics

    This class aims to teach Jiu Jitsu as Helio Gracie originally intended, through self-defense. The focus is to train people to defend themselves against common attacks and to teach the basic positions and submissions, while emphasizing the importance of movement, safety and etiquette in preparation for the Drilling and Flow classes. Recommended for people just starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and those looking to sharpen their basic skills.

  • Intermediate Class - All Levels

    The Intermediate Class is the place to build the next level of your game. It is designed around a new series enabling you to explore multiple options and develop your strategy. It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of Jiu Jitsu before attending this class.

  • Jiu Jitsu Flow

    Nothing can replace the benefits of sparring. This program is a platform to improve your skill sets and timing in live training. In this class, instructors will coach and watch your matches, then help you fine-tune your positions, transitions, and submissions.

  • Kids Class

    Our kids program aims to develop strong character in the future champions of our sport. Led by our Head Instructor, kids will participate in drilling and other functional games designed to teach students fundamental positions to prepare them for both competition and every day life. Kids will have fun and learn important values in this one hour class.

  • Open Mat

    Our open mat period is open to all students. During this time, students will be allowed to sharpen their skills through the most important aspect of Jiu-Jitsu, which is sparring. Students will spar in timed sessions, while under supervision of one of our instructors or an advanced belt. This environment is safe and friendly and is a more relaxed setting than our normal class. Beginners, please see one of our instructors before participating.

  • All Levels Yoga

    (free/donations based)

    This is an all-levels class that will touch every area of your body as you move through a 90 minute sequence blend of continuous movement or vinyasa style blended with longer holds or power style yoga.